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Twisting the Truth: RELENTLESS PROTECTOR by Colleen Thompson

September will mark the release of (I can't believe it!) my twentieth novel, a Harlequin Intrigue romantic suspense called Relentless Protector. People often ask writers where they got a particular idea. Usually, I have no idea, but this particular story had an unusual real-life inspiration, a brief news item on the local (Texas) news. A young mother out running errands was carjacked, then forced to rob a bank while the kidnappers held her baby at gunpoint. Thank goodness, the real case ended quickly and with no one hurt, but as I imagined the poor mother's terror, my writer's brain took over and started twisting the truth. What if, I wondered, the robbery didn't go off as planned? What if, say, a veteran, fresh from a recent overseas tour, took it upon himself to play the hero and frightened the abductors in the getaway car into taking off with the heroine's child? (You'll probably understand why my working title, then, was Relentless Pursuit.) Many more what-ifs ensued, until the plot ended up miles from its inspiration. But one thing that's never changed is the stomach-dropping jolt of pure empathy I felt as a mother for this mom put into an impossible situation. I'm hoping readers, too, will identify, and come along with me for the ride. Relentless Protector is available for pre-order online in mass market paperback, large print, large-print hardcover, e-book, and audio format. Or you can wait for September and pick up a copy from a local vendor.


Brandie said…
I love those "what if" moments :-)

I do, too, Brandie. I think they keep a lot of writers going.

Have a great day!
Mylène said…
Twenty novels!

(picking jaw off of floor)

Congratulations and joy!

Thanks so much, Mylene! It's been quite a journey.
Lark Howard said…
Twenty novels!! Wow! And this one sounds heart-stopping!
Thank you, Lark! Critique partner claims it moves live a runaway train, so here's hoping readers agree. :)

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