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Merry awesome stomping robots! (C. Lonnquist's MAGi Book 2 is out today)

If you were irrevocably sucked into the mystic mecha/fantasy/action world of C. Lonnquist's debut novel, The Will of Machines , rejoice! The Will of the Faithful , drops today, picking up the story of these mammoth mechanical beasts and the intensely human characters who pilot them. From the flap: In the eagerly awaited sequel to The Will of Machines: MAGi Book I, C. Lonnquist returns fans to the planet Alterra, where the MAGi—giant sentient suits of armor that mysteriously fell from the sky—carry their Pilots through the embattled Warlands of Ord. A year has passed since the fall of the Black Palace and the revelation of the MAGi’s origins. The Pilots go their separate ways, driven apart by a horrifying new threat to the homelands they love. The Faithful, Cardinal Ecclesius’ army of corrupted MAGi, readies to march on Jarn. Soulless. Insatiable. Unstoppable.  Kaie, the young druid from Jarn, has grown from a girl to a woman to a warrior, fully prepared to die defending her

You look like you've seen a ghostwriter

Bumping this up for Halloween, a few ghosts who might startle you--bestsellers, Pulitzer, Nobel, and Oscar winners--writer's writers who moonlighted... Katherine Anne Porter In 1962, Porter's novel  Ship of Fools  sailed to the bestseller list and in 1966, she won a Pulitzer and a National Book Award for her  Collected Stories . But her first published work was  My Chinese Marriage  by Mae T. Franking, a memoir about an interracial relationship (something almost unheard of in the 1920s.) Not surprisingly, after Porter became a literary icon, Franking's heirs collaborated on an annotated edition with Porter's name on the cover. Larry McMurtry Before he collected his Pulitzer for Lonesome Dove or his Oscar for...what was it-- Terms of Endearment or his adaptation of Brokeback Mountain ?--anyway, long before he was Larry McMurtry, he was the invisible hand behind several books, including Daughters of the Tejas by Ophelia Ray. HP Lovecraft Steven King, Neil Gai

Who is Lucy Forrester? Jane Davis talks about her new novel and the transformative impact of childhood illness

I've been too buried to blog lately, but I couldn't let a new Jane Davis novel drop without a shout out. Jane is the fabulous Brit who wrote (among several)  Half Truths & White Lies , winner of the Daily Mail first novel award, and I Stopped Time , one of my favorite reads last year. Today, Jane pops in to answer a few questions about her new book  My Counterfeit Self , in which political activist Lucy Forrester (a cross between Edith Sitwell and Vivienne Westwood) is nominated for a prestigious award by a dead man with whom she had a love/hate relationship. Was it a cruel joke or a rare opportunity? Who is this Lucy Forrester? And another question... What’s the story behind your latest book? It’s the story of a radical poet and political activist called Lucy Forrester, who’s a cross between Edith Sitwell and Vivienne Westwood. Having been anti-establishment all of her life, she’s horrified to find that she’s been featured on the New Year’s Honours list. (This is

"The opposite of love is not hate, it's indifference." Go with God, Elie Wiesel

#BEA16 BookExpo 2016 in Chicago: The Good, the Bad, and the Game Changers

Home from BookExpo, ready to put my feet up and start reading. But first, the debrief. THE GOOD Jerusha started working as my assistant on ghost projects back in high school, then started a freelance editing firm to fund her global adventures Plot Whispering with the Rabid Badger Combining my 20+ years of publishing and ghostwriting experience with Jerusha's uncanny style of developmental editing, we've come up with a method of 3-D outlining that elevates story, solidifies structure, and focuses strategy. As a team, we’ve worked this pragmatic magic on novels, nonfiction, and screenplays (including an Oscar nominee) for Big 5 publishers, agents, and indies. We had a blast doing a crash course and Plot Whispering demo Thursday on the UPubU stage. Here's the podcast. Indie Author Fringe Fest Orna Ross, founder of the Alliance of Independent Authors continues to move mountains on behalf of the indie author community. When I attended my first BEA in 1999, self-publ

Story + Structure + Strategy = Pragmatic Magic at #bea16

Working our plot whispering mojo in sunny LA In Chicago for BookExpo, prepping to give a talk with Jerusha on the spooky art of Plot Whispering. If you're here, we'd love to see you at #UPubU Thursday at 2:00 PM. If you're not here, hop on the #ALLi podcast. Here's the logline: Fiction, memoirs, book proposals, screenplays—it all begins with story. But the road from great idea to a solidly marketable project presents a baffling number of detours. Plot Whispering is a radically sensible, step-by-step method for defining, refining, and executing your story. NYT bestselling ghostwriter Joni Rodgers and freelance editor Jerusha Rodger, dynamic mom-and-daughter duo, have worked their Plot Whispering mojo on bestselling books, high advance proposals, and an Oscar-nominated screenplay. Prepare to be wowed!


"Eventually you may have gone down so many paths and learned so much you don't have to come back again." ~ Prince

Bitch ice burned me (A few dos and don'ts for when you've been dissed)

I started writing seriously 16 years ago while I was in chemotherapy for non-Hodgkin's lymphoma, and 18 months later, with my cancer in remission, I started doing volunteer work with a patient support organization associated with the large cancer center where I'd been diagnosed. Every year, they had a huge survivorship conference, which included a number of speakers and a robust book fair with a multi-author book signing reception. When my first two novels were published, I didn't expect to be included because neither was cancer related. But my third book, Bald in the Land of Big Hair , was a memoir about how my cancer experience led to my becoming a writer. It was being published by Harper Collins and had stockpiled a host of glowing reviews--all the trades plus many major outlets from People and Entertainment Weekly to the NY Times and London Daily Mail. I was getting fan letters from Germany and South Africa. My speaking agent had booked me into survivorship events a