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Woman Unresolved

UPDATE: Heading into 2020, and I haven't changed my mind since I posted this three years ago. I've made pretty much the same five resolutions every New Year's Eve for the past four decades, so I've decided to exit 2016, one of the most craptastic years on record, resolving to remain unresolved. I'm launching 2017 with a single guiding principle: Screw it. I'm just going to be myself. Top 5 Non-Resolutions for 2017: #1 Stop using bad words. Yeah, fuck that. I'm a professional. I know which words are appropriate to the occasion. #2 Lose weight. Based on 45 years of empirical study, I can conclude with some certainty that dieting, self-loathing, guilt and constantly talking about my weight is not going to make me a size 9. I am a size 16. Bam. Weight problem solved. #3 Work smarter, not harder! "Smarter" too often translates into "what works for other people." I have to do what feels right to me as an artist and works for me as