Kindle Worlds: Playing in Somebody Else's Sandbox

Attention Tami Hoag fans: Colleen Thompson's SALT MAIDEN = plot-bombing hotness

Real housewives of outer space: Lily Koppel's THE ASTRONAUT WIVES CLUB: A True Story

Suzanne Rindell's riveting psychodrama THE OTHER TYPIST = Gatsby flare + Hitchcock twist

AMERICAN GHOUL: Teen Angst + Dead for Dinner = Campy 1970s Horror

Dawn Raffel's scrumtrulescent story collection IN THE YEAR OF LONG DIVISION is out of the vault!

Grab Lily Koppel's THE ASTRONAUT WIVES CLUB at your local indie bookstore today!

Whuh-BAM! Ingrid Ricks' memoir HIPPIE BOY hits the NYT bestseller list!

PW announces upcoming Swoosie Kurtz memoir PART SWAN, PART GOOSE