Trolling the Shallows

Eagerly awaiting Tom Folsom's The Mad Ones

Series Sensibility

Kristin Chenoweth hits NYT Bestseller List (and makes her book nanny very proud!)

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Pulitzer on Writing & Pulitzer Fiction

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Poetry As Fuel for Prose

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Looting the Graves: Resurrecting Dead Authors

Dream the dream...then wake up and do it

It Takes a Village

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Bouncing Baby Boxers?

What My Wheels Are Saying

Kristin Chenoweth is A Little Bit Wicked and whole lotta fun

Happy Release Day, Kristen Chenoweth!

Monday Link n' Stink

Eyes on Your Own Basket: An Easter Parable for Writers

Happy Easter!

Saturday Morning Cartoon: Hippety hop opera and EW's 15 best pop culture bunnies

Friday quote: Rollins on the Compulsion to Write

Harlan Coben and Missy Higgins at the Firehouse Saloon (words + music = best book tour ever)

This Papery Hellsbroth of... Despair

Stumbling into Truth

Raising the right questions (Kyle Mills talks about writing, life, and Lords of Corruption)

Sunday Quote: Wallach on Critics as Hangmen

Stop second guessing yourself! (Sane advice for writers and moms from Jen Singer)

The Fun Factor(y)

Fool me once...can't get...won't...oh, hell, not again!