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Sugarland is out of the vault!

Sunday Quote:Gretzky, Being Surprisingly Relevant to the Writing Life

Trailer for Sugarland (my sophomore novel, out of the vault ebook reincarnation)

Saturday comics: The point at which editorial input ceases to be a good thing.


Novelists: Stop Trying to Brand Yourself

Dave Brubeck Quartet "Take Five"

Buy This Book: Dwight Okita's "Prospect of My Arrival"

Dwight Okita's "Prospect of My Arrival"

Please Don't Make Me Tweet!

As much as I love Joan Didion, I don't think I can read Blue Nights.

Resuming my quest to read all the Pulitzer-winning novels before I turn 50

Monday Morning Goal Update

Sabbath music moment: "Pink Moon"

I'm So Effing 50!

The Art and Economics of Ghostwriting

Buy This Book: The Volunteer by Barbara Taylor Sissel

Read "The Volunteer" (Barbara Taylor Sissel is an indie author who's doing it right)

The Girl With the Shakespeare Tattoo (finally launching my solo blog)

The backstory on my Shakespeare tatt

The girl with the Shakespeare tattoo

Note from Font de Gaume (a 16,000 year old lesson in publishing technology)

Author Sherry Jones reads from her forthcoming novel "Four Sisters, All Queens"

Is it time for writers to rethink attitudes about agents? (And, dare I suggest, agents rethink writers?)

Can Stories Heal Us?

Weekly Goals: They're Not Just for NaNoWriMo

Storms, science, and breathing life into the written man

"You Must Be SO Disciplined"

"Milkshake" is a smart, funny fiction debut for Boston Globe columnist Joanna Weiss

Author Laura Harrington on Anna Karenina and the seductive wonderland of social media

Epic rap battles: Seuss vs. Shakespeare

Buy This Book: Jewball by Neal Pollack

Men and the art of motorcycle maintenance (or “Why I love this bird”)