Complicated mommy issues = beefy book club fodder in THE MIDWIFE

American Blonde = triumphant return of a terrific character

Join us on Joni's List for intelligent, snark-free reading recommendations!

THE PROMISE = a compelling duet in a rich historical setting

Adventure + Enlightenment = Great Buddha Gym for All Mens and Womens

The Chronicle of Secret Riven = another lyrical journey for Hunger Games fans

TEMPLE GROVE: Scott Elliotts compelling prose vividly captures the essence of its wilderness setting

APATHY AND OTHER SMALL VICTORIES by Paul Neilan is only good if you enjoy things like laughter

#2MinRevu Transcendent SEAL WOMAN by Solveig Eggerz creates rich emotional history

Salley Vickers' lovely CLEANER OF CHARTRES = Enigmatic protagonist + charming French setting

Guest Blog: Linda Gillard chimes in on #HowIWrite

THE INCREMENTALISTS asks deeper questions than your last yoga class

#HowIWrite Blog Hop: Free-falling, being 50, and four fab authors you need to read this summer

#howilibrary Mom and I discovered the world at the Tomah Public Library

Brainy gender bendation in dystopian sci fi warzone: Kameron Hurley's BRUTAL WOMEN

I'm Baaaack -- Reflections on Three Years of Freelancing

Muddling through my first Mothers Day without my mom

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Make LOVE, Not Points

Four books, one box, three bucks. Shaboom.

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