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#BEA16 BookExpo 2016 in Chicago: The Good, the Bad, and the Game Changers

Home from BookExpo, ready to put my feet up and start reading. But first, the debrief. THE GOOD Jerusha started working as my assistant on ghost projects back in high school, then started a freelance editing firm to fund her global adventures Plot Whispering with the Rabid Badger Combining my 20+ years of publishing and ghostwriting experience with Jerusha's uncanny style of developmental editing, we've come up with a method of 3-D outlining that elevates story, solidifies structure, and focuses strategy. As a team, we’ve worked this pragmatic magic on novels, nonfiction, and screenplays (including an Oscar nominee) for Big 5 publishers, agents, and indies. We had a blast doing a crash course and Plot Whispering demo Thursday on the UPubU stage. Here's the podcast. Indie Author Fringe Fest Orna Ross, founder of the Alliance of Independent Authors continues to move mountains on behalf of the indie author community. When I attended my first BEA in 1999, self-publ

Story + Structure + Strategy = Pragmatic Magic at #bea16

Working our plot whispering mojo in sunny LA In Chicago for BookExpo, prepping to give a talk with Jerusha on the spooky art of Plot Whispering. If you're here, we'd love to see you at #UPubU Thursday at 2:00 PM. If you're not here, hop on the #ALLi podcast. Here's the logline: Fiction, memoirs, book proposals, screenplays—it all begins with story. But the road from great idea to a solidly marketable project presents a baffling number of detours. Plot Whispering is a radically sensible, step-by-step method for defining, refining, and executing your story. NYT bestselling ghostwriter Joni Rodgers and freelance editor Jerusha Rodger, dynamic mom-and-daughter duo, have worked their Plot Whispering mojo on bestselling books, high advance proposals, and an Oscar-nominated screenplay. Prepare to be wowed!