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NaPoMo QOTD The Last Best Quote to Read. Ok, Not Really, but the Last One I'm Blogging About.

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NaPoMo QOTD Nearing the End and Starting Again

What you waiting for? (Gwen Stefani's cure for writer's block: "Take a chance, you stupid ho!")

#BuyThisBook: memoirista Jen Lancaster creates suburban mayhem in debut novel "If You Were Here"

NaPoMo QOTD This Poem is for the Little Old Man that Dances at Don Vicente.

Bald in the Land of Big Hair 10th Anniversary eEdition arriving on National Cancer Survivor's Day!

NaPoMo QOTD Because America Loves Miniature Things. Seriously, Look at Sliders and Keira Knightley.

James Andrew Wilson's 5 Emotional Stages of Writing a Novel

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NaPoMo QOTD Because This Sounds Like An Actual Reason I Wouldn't Keep A Gun In My House AND Because Humor is Serious Business

Mystery Writers Talk Shop

NaPoMo QOTD The Wreck of the Thresher...and of the Lesser Known Sir Ichabus the Scion XB

NaPoMo QOTD Easter Edition: Coming Home Different Physically, Mentally, and Poetically

Almost Easter: Results from my Lenten Experiment

NaPoMo QOTD What The Heck Is This Awesome Poem?

NaPoMo QOTD This Poem Takes Place In The Liminal Space Between Here And There.

Cool Editing Tip of the Day

NaPoMo QOTD This Poem IS America. And This Video Is Awesome.

Buy This Book: Do the Work by Steven Pressfield

NaPoMo QOTD Poetry Proving That Children and Snowmen Have Been Creepy Since The 20s

Buy This Book: The Coffins of Little Hope by Timothy Schaffert

'Brick and Mortars Still Rule the Book World'

More From Mortenson

NaPoMo QOTD If You Could Only Ask One Question, Would It Be This One?

NaPoMo QOTD Special Guest Star Robert Frost. You're Going To Read It, Don't Pretend You Won't

Sunday quote:Bradbury and Being "Drunk on Writing"

NaPoMo QOTD PoLaus GONE WILD! But Seriously, James Dickey Ain't Yo Mama's Poet

NaPoMo QOTD Elizabeth Bishop is Yes. endofstory.

NaPoMo QOTD Because Some Things Aren't Extraordinary. They're Just Nice, And That's Good Enough.

Buy This Book: Meg Howrey's "Blind Sight" drawing buzz and big names tonight at Strand

NaPoMo QOTD This Poem Is About The Sixties, But Poetry Repeats Itself. Well, It's Societal Significance Anyway.

Buy This Book: Delirium by Lauren Oliver

NaPoMo QOTD Rita Dove's Rules of How to Keep the Ground In Place and Yourself In Line

Persistence, Belief and a Book with Wings: Rebecca Rasmussen on The Bird Sisters

Let It Out

NaPoMo QOTD What's In A Name? For Me, 22 Years Of "Oh, I Thought You Were Black...Are You Jewish?"

BUY THIS BOOK: The Postmistress by Sarah Blake

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NaPoMo QOTD Because Everybody Snores Sometimes. Even If They Say They Don't. They Do.

A Way With Words (just a thought to start your writing week)

If This Doesn't Inspire You, Nothing Will: A Conversation with American Book Award Winner Jericho Brown

NaPoMo QOTD This Is How You Write A Poem. Good Day and Good Luck.