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Bronx Zoo Cobra Returns to Cash In...with a Book Deal?

Tell me you didn't see this one slithering our way. That most famous of deadly, venomous serpents, the on-the-lam Bronx cobra, has been lured back to captivity...with a reportedly two-million dollar book deal.

Yeah. I kid you not. Some publishing numbskulls decided to offer the giant book deal, not to the actual reptile, of course, but whoever the quasi-clever prankster was who set up the meteorically-popular Twitter account, @BronxZoosCobra, wherein the cobra allegedly cracked wise about its alleged adventures in New York City. (In reality, the two-footer never left the reptile house.)

But what's really shocking is that, according to forensic publishing accountant, Flora Lipso Day, the acquiring Snakespell Books, is actually a new Imprint from of a famously-financially-strapped publisher that collectively owes its authors and vendors millions.

When asked for comment, beleaguered editorial holdout A. Kirsch Leers states: "We at Snakespell are absolutely not paying this advance out of the earnings owed our authors and vendors. We are making a prudent investment that we believe will allow us to recoup sufficient funds to repay all our creditors. Someday. Hopefully."


Photo courtesy of Wikimedia Commons, By Kamalnv (Own work) [CC-BY-3.0 (], via Wikimedia Commons


Bonnie Vanak said…
Omg, bahaahaha! Happy April Fool's Day to you, too, Colleen!
Jo Anne said…
Twisted, Colleen. I love it!
Christie Craig said…
Okay...I've got a snake to catch!

This is crazy. Love it. Thanks for sharing.

You guys think I'm joking? This is ssssserious reporting!

Sssslithering off to ssssulk...
Ruth said…
Ohh Colleen, you made me smile today.
Robin Haseltine said…
Thanks for starting my day with a fangy grin. Hah
Joni Rodgers said…
Doh! Fished in. You had me at "quasi-clever." Frankly, stranger things have happened in this biz. I'd be more surprised if the cobra DIDN'T get a book deal.

Now to get this hook out of my lip...
Actually, I was reading the tweets, and some are downright hilarious! :)
Saralee said…
Hilarious! Love it.
Joyce Henderson said…
OMG! Luv ya, lady.
Thanks for a belly laugh today. LOL
See! The Bronx Zoo Cobra really is working on a book deal! I scooped CBS! Winning!!!
TJ Bennett said…
Jeez. This would have been even funnier to me had I realized today was April Fools Day.


You should thank me for kindly alerting you before your twins got the drop on you. :)
Kathy Bacus said…
Thoroughly enjoyed being 'fooled' with this one, Colleen!

Snicker, snicker.

Thanks, Kathy! Hope you're doing well!
Barbara Sissel said…
Well, chiming in ssssooo late, but this is hilarious & bizarre all at once! Thanks for the laugh, Colleen.

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