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Bernadette Peters is way too fabulous. That is all.

Ten years ago, when I first started ghostwriting celebrity memoirs, my agent asked me to make a wish list of dream clients. High on the list, then and now, was and is Bernadette Peters. I just love her, and everything I hear about her behind her back is good. So from my lips to God's ear. You never know.

Haunting "Chasing Ice" song we should have heard instead of "Boobs" on last night's Oscars

Chance: "Toy Cows in Africa" (Remember this from Northern Exposure?)

Why Kai (smash SMASH SUH-MASH) the hatchet-swinging surfer dude reminds me of one of my favorite novels

Part of the writing life (and not a small part) is the observation and collection of people, but I try to curb my story vampire tendencies (okay, I try to try) and be led by my mothering tendencies instead. So I'm worried for this guy - not because he's homeless but because he's about to be Susan Boyled. Somewhere right now a literary agent is trying to find him. A sit com is in development. A hashtag is gaining traction. It's astonishing how quickly we're able to romanticize the same people we usually marginalize, but to see this damaged man on a mission is to love him. It made me think about the novel The Long Drunk by Eric Coyote, the most affecting thing I've read about homeless people since Ironweed. From the review I posted about a year ago: I hardly know where to begin. The most off-putting first chapter you'll ever be hooked by? The most offensive protagonist you'll ever love? The most revolting cast of wretches you'll ever stand up and ch

Turns out this wasn't the end of Richard III after all...

"A horse! A horse! MY kingdom for a horse!"

"Solveig's Song" from Peer Gynt

Holy Norskadalen. Hadn't heard this lovely song in a long time, but I stumbled on this great version in my research today. Harps! Big hair! Grieg is in the yurt! The Norwegian lyrics: Kanske vil der gå både Vinter og Vår, og næste Sommer med, og det hele År, men engang vil du komme, det ved jeg visst; og jeg skal nok vente, for det lovte jeg sidst. Gud styrke dig, hvor du i Verden går, Gud glæde dig, hvis du for hans Fodskammel står! Her skal jeg vente till du komme igjen; og venter du hisst oppe, vi træffes der, min Ven. (In essence) Though winter and spring pass and summer days run out, I know you'll return to me, and I'll wait, just as I promised. May God watch over you, wherever you go. May God comfort you and sit beside you. I'll wait for you and see you in Heaven.