Monty Python-esque trailer captures glorious tragicomedy of David Abrams' FOBBIT

Happy Holidays! Enjoy a free book and Stairway to Heaven on handbells! #KrisKindle

Thanksgiving. Seriously. (19 years ago today, I was diagnosed with #lymphoma)

Colleen Thompson's serial thriller THE BEST VICTIM = #YesPlease (with a bullet!)

#2MinRevu CITY OF LOST DREAMS by Magnus Flyte = magical, mystical nerd-a-palooza

What I learned when I learned to play the piano (from the Earth to Joni archives)

The Best Victim Begins November 26th

THE POETS LAUREATE ANTHOLOGY educates, entertains, and on occasion, confuses

ALL THE TRUTH THAT'S IN ME by Julie Berry is like Speak meets The Crucible

ELEMENTS OF STYLE by Strunk & White is the best book to have on your shelf

MARCH Book One by John Lewis aims to get youth politically involved

Help Me Celebrate Another Book Birthday: The Colton Heir

Sweet! CITY OF DARK MAGIC sequel CITY OF LOST DREAMS is coming next month!

"Walk on the Wild Side" Go with God, Lou Reed. :(

Theme Song du Jour: Caroline Savoie covers "Ain't No Sunshine"

Buy This Book: TJ Bennett's Dark Angel

Cool new look for a terrific book: EVIDENCE OF LIFE by Barbara Taylor Sissel

#themesongdujour Grateful Dead "Touch of Grey": I will get by! (Thanks, Book Gorilla.)

Introducing LOVE & OTHER NATURAL DISASTERS (Enjoy a sweet little read on me this week!)

"There's Always Tomorrow": A final thought on #BloodCancerAwarenessMonth

Sunday Groove: Mike Tompkins' awesome a capella "Rolling in the Deep"

#BloodCancerAwareness Q&A: "My ex has cancer. Why does our son act like it's my fault?"

#BloodCancerAwarenessMonth Q&A: "Is it crazy to think I deserve to find love before I die?"

#BloodCancerAwarenessMonth Q&A: "My spouse is AWOL since my cancer diagnosis. WTF?"

Sunday Groove: Nancy Sinatra nutshells the publishing industry with "This Town"

#BloodCancerAwarenessMonth Q&A: "Anger management? I just want to punch somebody in the face."

#BloodCancerAwarenessMonth Q&A: "Is chemo brain a thing? And where the hell are my car keys?"

#BloodCancerAwarenessMonth Q&A: "Do I really have to tell my date I've had cancer?"

Enjoy a moment of pure storytelling pleasure!

Check out the Focus on Lymphoma app from @Lymphoma Research Foundation

#BloodCancerAwarenessMonth Q&A: "Chemo's over! Why do I freak out about follow up scans?"

#BloodCancerAwarenessMonth Thank you to fabulous Alyssa and all my Relay for Life friends!

#BloodCancerAwarenessMonth Q&A: "My family makes fun of my 'woo woo' alternative treatments. URG!"

#BloodCancerAwarenessMonth Q&A: "I'm in remission! Why am I so depressed?"

#BloodCancerAwarnessMonth Q&A: "What's with all this sex since my hubby's diagnosis?"

#BloodCancerAwarenessMonth Q&A: Where did all my friends go?