The Royalettes "It's Gonna Take a Miracle"

The Joy of the Grind

Eddie Vedder and Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan "The Long Road"

FREE today on #Kindle: Dwight Okita's deliciously quirky novel PROSPECT OF MY ARRIVAL

Buy This Book: Coping With Transition, Men, Motherhood, Money and Magic

Amazing video of Comet Lovejoy from space station

Merry Christmas!

Fear and Loathing meets Ironweed in THE LONG DRUNK: a hilarious heroic journey on the skids

Taylor Mali "Conviction" #yesplease

LP "Into the Wild" (awesome song from Citi card rock-climbing gear commercial has been in my head)

A Girl You Should Date

Got Amazon Prime? Read SUGARLAND free!

John Mellencamp "Cherry Bomb" (We were young and we were improving...)

Best Laid Plans

Foxy Shazam "Oh Lord" (Your Creative Spirit Anthem du jour)

A disabled writer's book unfolds a tap at a time

Get to work! (The Cure "Just Like Heaven")

Awesome flash mob "Deck the Halls" (Okay, now I'm in the holiday mood.)

Radiohead "Creep" (character in a nutshell)

Two terrific workshops happening at Beauty and the Book's Girlfriend Weekend

Two terrific workshops happening at Beauty & the Book Girlfriend Weekend

Harry Potter in 99 Seconds

Harry Potter in 99 Seconds

Finding Focus #2--Bouncing off of Colleen's Post

Shees baaaaaack! (Did ya miss me?)

Note to Cancer: I LIVED, MUTHERF#@%ER! Note to Publishing: I fear nothing.

Finding Focus

With thanksgiving for all that's been and all that's possible

Happy Thanksgiving! (With gratitude for everything that's been and all that's possible)

Florence + the Machine "Shake it Out" #yesplease

Rethinking indie publishing rhetoric

Reshaping the rhetoric of indie publishing

The Hurricane Lover (How I got smote by the story hammer)

Early report on Gary's Kindle Fire: "I like it."

Contest News + Win a Free Copy of PHANTOM OF THE FRENCH QUARTER!

Barry Eisler, Publish It Forward talk on indie pub decision

Barry Eisler on indie pub opportunies ("Exciting for writers, for NY publishers, not so much.")

Death Comes to Pemberley Sweepstakes

Family Tree: "Stupidland" (Just told someone to "Have a nice weekend." #ThatSortofTuesday)

Revision 101: Protagonist Check-list

Herman Melville on the guileless spirit of a sailor

Seth Worley's PLOT DEVICE

Gofightwin Thursday! Blind Boys of Alabama "Higher Ground"

Website about Agents

Buy This Book: Life Without Summer by Lynne Griffin

How writers fit into the US labor force

Erica Jong: "Do you want me to tell you something really subversive?"

Fabulous Freebies from Writer's Digest

Another Sunday. Let's have some Cee Lo!

P.D. James Knocks Off Wickham

Embracing (the Right) Changes

Halloween Show and Tell

Goal Update

I'll have to do something else between . . .

Sugarland is out of the vault!

Sunday Quote:Gretzky, Being Surprisingly Relevant to the Writing Life

Trailer for Sugarland (my sophomore novel, out of the vault ebook reincarnation)

Saturday comics: The point at which editorial input ceases to be a good thing.


Novelists: Stop Trying to Brand Yourself

Dave Brubeck Quartet "Take Five"

Buy This Book: Dwight Okita's "Prospect of My Arrival"

Dwight Okita's "Prospect of My Arrival"

Please Don't Make Me Tweet!