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Monty Python-esque trailer captures glorious tragicomedy of David Abrams' FOBBIT

A book I've been recommending all over the place this year: FOBBIT by David Abrams. "Fobbit" is a (non complimentary) term referring to A U.S. soldier stationed at a Forward Operating Base who avoids combat by remaining at the base. It's also Abrams' job descriptions during Operation Iraqi Freedom. (He served as a journalist in the Army for 20 years.) Abrams' grimly hilarious debut novel based on his experience in Iraq was named a NYT Notable Book last year. A lot of reviewers (including me) compared it to Catch-22. It's that good. And it's that funny. Check out the freshly minted trailer from the publisher:  

Happy Holidays! Enjoy a free book and Stairway to Heaven on handbells! #KrisKindle

"I had stopped believing in Santa Clause long before his powder blue Buick Skylark ripped through a busy intersection in Allentown, Pennsylvania, clipped the back of a pickup truck, bolted over the curb, and slammed into the corner of an abandoned gas station..." My Christmas card to all the terrific readers (and writers) who made this a great year for me: a 15-minute break from holiday hurry. This week, please enjoy a free download of The Late Great Santa Claus , a little cookie of a short story from the archives of Earth to Joni, my syndicated column of yore. (And just in case it leaves you wanting to read more from Earth to Joni series, I included the bonus sneak peeks from Love & Other Natural Disasters (Earth to Joni) and First You Write: The Worst Way to Become an Almost Famous Author and the Best Advice I Got While Doing It . Peace, joy and a happy, happy New Year to all! Cue handbells!