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Taking your thrills where you get them...

If there's one thing the publishing industry (and life in general) have taught me, it's to take joy in the small stuff. Even after eleven books, that includes getting excited by the blurb the editor's written for my next book. It's always surprising, fascinating, and impressive to see how she boils down a 100K+-word book so beautifully. Here's the back cover copy for my July 07 book, Head On. I call this novel my Peyton Place meets Last Picture Show book, and even though I've been finished with it for several months, the characters and story are firmly stuck in my head. This was one book I hated to complete (though by the time I finish revisions and galley edits, I suspect I'll be more than ready to move on.)

I'll also repost the artwork above so you don't have to visit the archives to see it. Here's the blurb:

Hell On Wheels...

The full moon brings out the crazies; anyone in emergency services knows that. But for hospice nurse Beth Ann Decker, the gruesome murder that rocks Hatcher County is shockingly unexpected. As is the return of the Texas community's most hated prodigal son -- Mark Jessup. Sixteen years before, the town's bad boy was behind the wheel of a pickup that left three cheerleaders dead and Beth Ann so badly injured that people whispered she'd have been better off in the grave with them.

Jessup is all man now -- tough, uncompromising, rich -- and a possible suspect in this new killing. Beth Ann knows he's the last person she should be spending time with, especially when a nighttime intruder makes it clear that she herself is a target. But in Mark's heated gaze, Beth Ann sees something a lot more exciting than pity. No matter how dangerous the road ahead, she's dead set on meeting life, and love...

Head On.

Here's hoping you find something to celebrate today, from a well-turned phrase to sticking to your writing resolution to good news from The Great Outside. Savor every morsel.


Christie Craig said…

First let me say that I love your cover. Second, I enjoyed your blog. I've always said writing is a career of ups and downs. For me, the ups always make up for the downs.

Thanks, Christie! And with your recent flurry of sales, I'll bet you'll be riding that thrill for a long time!
Joni Rodgers said…
Nice headlights, Colleen!

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