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Buy This Book: The Night Holds the Moon by Colleen Thompson and Parke Roberts

This week our own Colleen Thompson steps out of genre but stays totally in character with her latest release, The Night Holds the Moon, a fantasy epic written in tandem with Parke Roberts.

Per the PR:
An ancient instrument of unspeakable power, Lhant's legendary Saireflute is meant to be played only as a ceremonial reminder of the Queen's might, and to be handled only by a docile, well-trained virgin. When an accident of fate --or magic-- instead places it in the hands of a disgraced and disreputable young lady-in-waiting, Elzin sees her miraculous ascent as her escape from a flogging, the furious Queen sees it as the motive for a murder...

And the mysterious Highlander Count Caldan Val Torska recognizes it as one last, desperate chance for his proud but subjugated people, no matter what--or who--he must sacrifice to save them.

It's been a trip watching this project evolve, so I bugged Colleen to sit still and answer our requisite 3 Qs...

Collen, congratulations on the bouncing baby book! A lot of people are going to be surprised to see you hop genres. Where is this coming from?
While most readers know me as an author of romantic mystery/suspense or historical romance (something I wrote under the name Gwyneth Atlee a few years back), I've long nurtured a fascination for the kind of big, imaginative epic fantasies I cut my teeth on as a young reader. From Tolkien's LORD OF THE RINGS TRILOGY to Terry Brooks' SHANNARA series to Stephen R. Donaldson's CHRONICLES OF THOMAS COVENANT THE UNBELIEVER and so many more, I was inspired to create a world and characters of my own, which I did with the help of the amazingly talented Parke Roberts. THE NIGHT HOLDS THE MOON, is part of an amazing journey years in the making. I absolutely love this story and its characters and hope that you will, too.

Does this mean you're done with romantic suspense genre?
Not at all. The trade paperback edition of The Salt Maiden was just released a few weeks ago, and Capturing the Commando, my first release for HARLEQUIN INTRIGUE, will be on the shelves on June 11th. (An Army Ranger goes AWOL to avenge his murdered little sister and rescue the infant stolen from her, and Special Agent Shannon Brandt will stop at nothing to bring him in to save her own career. But who will save the agent when the unstoppable force that is Rafe Lyons captures her-- body, heart, and soul!)

Care to share what you've learned on your first venture into Ebook World?
That's another blog post!


Thanks so much for the shout-out! I'm really excited about this venture. It's been great so far, and it opens up whole new worlds of possibility.
Suzan Harden said…
Yea, Colleen! Can't wait to read it!
Thank you, Suzan! I'm both nervous and really jazzed about trying something new. Hope you enjoy the read!
Amanda Stevens said…
I'm heading to Amazon even as I type! Sounds fabulous!
Thanks, Amanda! Enjoy!
KerrelynSparks said…
Congratulations, Colleen! This is so exciting! Don't know where you found the time-- you are amazing! A new sub-genre and a new method of publishing-- a bold move from a brave and talented author! Wishing you much success!
Thank you so much, Kerrelyn! I must have suppressed my fantasy writing for too long, because now it's erupting like a volcano. :)
Diane_Holmes said…
This sounds awesome, Colleen!
Thanks, Diane! I appreciate that.
Barbara Sissel said…
I'm late chiming in but so thrilled this project is finally seeing the light of day! Three cheers, Colleen, and every hope for huge success! It's well earned....
Thanks so much, Barbara. It's been a fun ride, no matter how it turns out.

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